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Amy Taylor, MS CRC

Experience matters and Amy has spent  the  last  decade  committed  to excellence  in  service  delivery  and  support  across  multiple  populations  and  referral  sources.   Amy  has  provided  direct  care and  support,  case  management,  program  administration,  development  and  management.   As  a  mom  to  a  child  with  a disability she understands  the  importance  of  transitional-age  support and developing  a  framework  for  success. Amy is experienced in assessment and discovery services and  can  help  anyone  explore  the  world  of  work  and  develop  a  plan that  suits them. Whether  you  are  looking  for  work  for  the first  time,  finding  a  new  career  post  injury, or  working  to  manage  your  health  while  finding  a  career  that  lets  you  be  healthy  and  happy  -  Amy  and  her  team  are  here  for  you.

 Amy  has  a Masters of Science in Human Development with an emphasis in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling  from South Dakota State University. 

Amy  serves  on  the  Board  of  Directors  for  the  following  organizations  

- Ohio  Rehabilitation  Association  

(Past President) 

- Great  Lakes  Regional  Chapter  of  the  National  Rehabilitation  Association   (President  Elect  2020,  President  2021)

-  Employment  Collaborative  of  Cuyahoga  County  

(Board  Member ,  Co-Chair  Service  Delivery  Committee)

Educating  Professionals:  

Amy  has  offered  training  at  over  a  dozen different conferences,  information  fairs  and  forums  to  support    training  and  education  in  areas  such  as  innovative  services,   ethics,  community  integration  and  more.   Amy  creates  customized  training  specific  to  business  needs,  community  inclusion  efforts  and  more. 


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